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Avondale Pest Control has been offering pest control services you can trust for over 20 years. To determine the right level of service needed to protect your home from pests, Avondale Pest Control will conduct a free inspection. Then you can make an informed choice when it comes to choosing one of our home pest control services. This will protect your home from the most common pests we encounter in the Phoenix valley. At every service visit, we will look for pest hotspots and treat them. We also communicate any pest problems that may have been overlooked or conditions that could be conducive to pest growth on your property. To prevent pests from entering your home, we will also install a protective barrier around your exterior structure. We service Goodyear, Litchfield, Cashion, Litchfield Park, Tolleson, Perryville, Webb, Fowler, Liberty, Indian Springs as well as Avondale, AZ.

We understand the importance of a safe and beautiful house. We will inspect and advise you about pest problems. Then we will perform an initial pest control service to eliminate any existing pests. Finally, we will create a maintenance program. You will find different pests in your home season after season. Regular pest control services can be contracted to ensure that pests that you have removed do not return.

Exterior Pest Control

Your home's exterior will be treated with a long-lasting residual pesticide. We can also apply a long-lasting residual insecticide to your yard. In playgrounds, the long-lasting insecticides used for boundary treatments can also be applied. Your property will be treated with a premium residual insecticide that focuses on the entry points for pests into your home. Pest prevention is an important part of our pest service.

Interior Pest Control

We are a local company that is owned and operated in Avondale, Arizona. We take pride in removing pests from residential homes so our customers can live in peace. We offer top-quality pest control and termite service to a variety of homeowners in the local area. Your home can be plagued by annoying pests and DIY remedies will not work. We can get rid of all kinds of pests, including termites and rodents.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial customers may have unique and specific needs. Many pest control services require that specifications be tailored to meet specific requirements. Avondale Pest Control has all the necessary experience, staffing, and equipment to provide commercial pest control services in Avondale. Avondale Pest Control's certified service technicians have been trained and receive continuing education to ensure that they provide competent commercial pest control in Avondale.

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Avondale Pest Control is all about you, the customer. Avondale Pest Control will keep your home and family free from unwanted pests. We understand that trust and relationships can be built over time. Trust is one of our core values. If given the chance, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our pest control services.

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Your schedule isn’t always flexible, but ours is! We offer Saturday and evening services for your convenience. We want your pest control done in a timely manner.

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Don’t wait to get rid of unwanted pests. Even in the middle of the night, our phone lines are open to schedule your pest control service!

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Ants are one of the most successful insects and pest control companies consider ant control to be the most important household pets for business opportunities and challenges. They are social insects, and they live in colonies like termites. They evolved their social behavior independently from termites, and they are not closely related to each other. An ant colony is a group of workers, one to five reproductives, eggs, and larvae. Nests are structures that ant colonies create. They require a lot of effort from worker ants to maintain. Many species prefer to nest within wood structures, hollow trees, or dead log fence posts. Because ants can only hollow out nest galleries, they will cause much less damage to wood than termites. Unlike termites who eat wood, ants cannot digest cellulose. The nests provide ants with protection from their enemies and protection against extreme weather conditions. They are also close to their food, water, and other resources. There is virtually no food (except cellulose) that an ant species cannot eat. Most species can eat many foods. Read more about ant control.

Bed Bugs

Since ancient times, bed bugs have been a part of human history. We know that bed bugs eat the blood of the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians from a few thousand centuries ago. How did they handle bed bug control? A second-millennium Egyptian Papyrus mentions bed bugs. Bed bug populations increased throughout Europe during the industrial age (late 18th century). This was due to the increase in people living in cities and the spread of central heating. In London, 1/3 of all the residents had bed bugs infested their homes by the 1930s. The colonists brought bed bugs to America for the first time. The early 18th-century colonists wrote about severe bed bug infestations in Canada and England. What did they do for bed bug control? However, they did not report on Indian villages. Bed bugs were a problem on old sailing ships. Some ships even forbade passengers and colonists to bring bedding aboard. The top three pests found in and around buildings are bed bugs. Infested areas in certain cities could be as high as 1/3 of the population, according to surveys. Nearly all of the residents in lower-income areas had been affected by bug bugs at some point. Read more to learn about our bed bug pest control service.


Some species of bees can cause problems in and around your home. While some species are beneficial because they can inflict stings on humans, others may cause structural damage due to their nest-building activities. Most bee species are beneficial and can be removed or relocated. This is the best option. You can relocate bees when they are easier to reach, such as when they are clumped in a ball under a tree or in an H block void in a block fence. Sometimes, the bees can't be removed because of variable factors. Bees can get stuck in a wall void or any other structural components. The queen will locate a small opening that allows her to access the area. The queen will be followed in by her drones, who will begin filling the area with honeycombs. They cannot be removed from a beehive that is so deeply rooted in their environment. To remove the queen, it would be necessary to smoke her out. Our pest control company can help you with your bee problem.


Arizona's diverse range of nuisance and dangerous pests includes black widow spiders living in your garage, scorpions crawling around your home, and many others. Some pests are not dangerous to your property or business. Some of them are frustrating to manage, as with the Grand Canyon State's beetles.


Although Arizona is not the most affected state for centipede problems in the US, it's still worth being aware of. Centipedes can cause painful bites and stings that may be hurtful to pets or humans. Avondale Pest Control knows that centipedes can be very difficult to eradicate. Centipedes like areas that are wet and cool. This is because they can be found in dark and nocturnal places and have a high sensitivity to light. Centipede problems are a common problem in Washington, Oregon, and other states. Arizona, however, is not immune to these pests. Centipedes are able to find suitable habitats in The Grand Canyon State. It's important to be aware of common centipede species in your local area and keep an eye out for them.


The most widespread insects are cockroaches. Cockroaches have been around for almost 350 million years, according to fossil evidence. They come in a variety of sizes, some measuring up to several inches. Many biologists consider insects one of our most important animal species. Cockroaches, also known as roaches, are among the most adaptive and successful insects on the planet.


The most popular form of cricket in Arizona is the Indian home cricket. It is extremely prolific, and it can rapidly multiply to inundate your house. These crickets are usually late bloomers, and they begin their activity in July before peaking in October. You may see hundreds of them crawling on sidewalks or in parks at night. These crickets can invade your house and continue to be a pest if it isn't treated regularly. Indian house crickets will enter your home through cracks in the stucco.


Earwigs like dark, damp areas. Avoid an infestation by keeping your home dry and the around your home dry. Avondale Pest Control has a recommended treatment for controlling earwigs. Learn more about how they enter your house and what you can do to eliminate them with our pest control services.


Fleas feed on blood and are therefore called blood-feeding insects. Both pets and wildlife are vulnerable to flea infestations. Fleas usually enter homes through pets. Hard flea infestations are not uncommon and can often appear as quickly as one day. A home can be infested quickly by eggs laid on pets. Flea bites typically don't hurt and can look similar to a single raised area on your skin. This could cause irritation or even become inflamed. You may see bite marks similar to bed bugs, mosquitoes, or any other insect. To achieve effective elimination, you need to have precise services provided. You must treat pest-infested areas and harborage zones. The timing of your service is critical. In other words: it's important that you treat your whole house at once. Untimely services can lead to infestations and repeat visits.

Fruit Flies

Recently, indoor small light traps have been made available. These traps can provide quick relief that is very efficient. You may require more than one depending on how large your problem is. Light traps of commercial quality can be used for larger areas. To ensure pest control success long-term, it is important to place the traps correctly and maintain them. They can prove to be very effective if they are deployed strategically. The number of control options deployed will directly affect the percentage of fly control.


After monsoon storms, the desert millipede can often be found in residential yards. These pests will often make their way into homes with sufficient moisture to sustain them. A lot of vegetation along with foundations provide moist conditions which are perfect for desert millipedes. Once large numbers have established themselves around the foundation it can prove difficult to stop them from entering your home. Although millipedes can also eat ornamental or garden flowers, the damage that they do to them is often minimal even in yards with high infestations. For their feeding needs, this species prefers to eat cholla and creosote Bush, as well as ocotillo and mesquite types of decomposing plant material. In response to dangers, the desert millipede will curl its 6-inch long body into an oval shape. This millipede is the only one that can spray toxic chemicals as far as 10 feet from a house. This secretion can cause partial or total blindness if it comes in contact with the eyes. The toxic defense secretion of this species contains hydrocyanic acid and phenols as well as terpenoids, benzoquinones, and nitromethylbenzene.


House mice are a very successful mammal. They have been called mammalian weeds due to their wide distribution and ability to adapt to different environments. Because of its tiny size and secretive behavior, the mouse is able to infest buildings from all angles. The house mouse can be a prolific breeder if it is given the right environment. Urban areas with scattered food sources and shelter sites can house hundreds to thousands of mice over time depending on local conditions. The indoor mouse population has a very limited home range. Nests can be found in many places. Although the house mouse can be unpredictable and inconsistent in their feeding behavior, they are a good opportunist for most foodstuffs. Because of this it can quickly turn into a pest infestation


Scorpions lead a very mysterious life. They hide in cracks, crevices around their homes and stay there during the day. Scorpions tend to be active at night and are nocturnal. Under rocks, inside block fences and cracks at the foundation, where it meets the wall. In cracks around the ceiling overhang, the wall's roof, or in dark areas, scorpions can be found. Scorpions are hard to find and difficult to manage because they hide deep within cracks, crevices, or holes. Scorpions can be found all year. Although they may not be as active in winter, Scorpions are still a problem throughout the year.


They aren't swimmers but silverfish prefer dark, damp areas. Arizona pest control experts often discover silverfish in outdoor expansion joints, meters boxes, and under leaf litter. They are also found under drip systems that are used to water lawns or gardens. The scientific name of silverfish, "saccharina," actually refers to sugar, kind of. It actually refers to their diet of sugars and complex carbohydrates.


There are many reasons why people fear spiders. It is true that certain spider species have a beneficial effect on pest control, but not all spider species. The majority of exterminators here in Arizona have to deal with several types of spiders.


The Avondale area used to be virgin Arizona desert. The few areas within the desert that were suitable for termites kept them under control and there was no real need for termite control. They had access to shelters, water sources, and other food supplies. Each desert-built home has the necessary three elements for termites to prosper. With new construction comes moisture sources, shelter from Arizona heat, and food (the wooden part of your home) leading to termite infestations. As a result of this, the termite population continues to rise, and Avondale. Termite Control is in great demand.


Ticks are capable of living for many months in your homes without any food and can survive without getting a blood meal for a long time. Tick control is not as simple as vacuuming and cleaning. Because of this, specialized treatment may be required to get rid of ticks. These pests thrive where others do not.


Arizona is home to two types of wasps: the paper pollsters (umbrella wasps) and the gentle mud dibber. The bright yellow coloring of pollster wasps makes them easy to identify. These wasps are very aggressive and can sting without much cause. Vespidae wasps are the most deadly Hymenoptera species. The vespid wasps are distinguished by the way they unfold their wings in a long, horizontal fashion. This makes it easier to identify them while out in the field. When at rest, they hold their wings apart, sometimes parallel to the body.

Avondale Pest Control has been my go-to service for many years. They are friendly and communicate well. They got rid of my scorpion problem in my last home! This family-owned pest control company is highly recommended.
Vicky Medrano
They offered a quarterly service and I took it. They organize their teams to come out at certain times. This is great for planning for us. Great customer service. I have had some pests come back and they quickly returned to take care of them. They always take care of our pest control needs.
Miranda Rodriquez

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It is worth having termite inspections done to determine the extent of the problem as well as the best way to eliminate them. A termite infestation is something you don’t want as a buyer. If the infestation is caught quickly, it can be fixed and you will have peace of mind.


Small wasp nests can be treated with soap and water as an alternative to buying insecticides. Use two tablespoons of dish soap to make a spray bottle of water. Spray the mixture on the nests. This will block the airways of the wasps and instantly kill them.


The roof rat sleeps in its nest most of the time. These rodents can climb high up to live in attics and above drop ceilings. Residents may notice roof rats in their homes during the day. This could indicate the existence of larger numbers.


To get rid of pest problems, you can use traps and insect repellent sprays. You can reduce the number of insects in your crawl space by using flypaper, insect sprays, and ant traps. Fumigating your crawl space or using a bug bomb to kill pests is a good option for severe infestations.

One part vinegar to three parts water. Spray around the picnic blanket when you’re out, spray under doors and in the yard. This pungent liquid covers up ant scent trails and interferes with their tracking ability. Pour a little vinegar into your bucket the next time you clean the floor.